Preparing for the Closure of Google Business Profile Websites

updated on 10 February 2024

Google has announced that it is discontinuing websites created through Google Business Profiles. By March 2024, these sites will be deactivated, directing customers to the Google Business Profile of the business instead. This transition requires action from businesses to maintain their online visibility and ensure a seamless customer experience.

Important Updates and Actions

Domain Changes

Google will remove domains ending in and from Business Profiles. Businesses should update their profiles with a new website URL to avoid losing online traffic.

Alternatives for Your Website

For those needing to create a new website, there are several user-friendly platforms to consider, including:

These platforms offer a range of features to suit different business needs, from simple informational websites to complete e-commerce solutions.

Updating Your Business Profile

Once your new website is live, update your Business Profile to reflect the new URL. This step is crucial to maintain your visibility on Google and ensure customers can find your business online.

Ads Campaign Management

For businesses running Ads campaigns linked to their Google Business Profile website, updating your ads to direct to your new website before March 1, 2024, is essential. Failing to update will interrupt your campaign's effectiveness.

Managing Third-party Domains

If you use a custom domain name forwarded to your Google Business Profile site, plan to redirect it to your new website before the deadline of June 10, 2024, to avoid service disruption.

Support and Next Steps

Google has pledged support for businesses navigating this transition. If you require assistance or have questions about moving away from your Google Business Profile website, Google's support team is available to help.

While the discontinuation of websites made with Google Business Profiles represents a significant change, it also offers an opportunity for businesses to refresh and enhance their online presence. By taking proactive steps to create a new website, update your Google Business Profile, and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly, your business can continue to thrive online.

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