5 Tips For Businesses And Tradies

updated on 20 November 2021

Are you trying to tap into your local market? Having trouble attracting leads that you know are just around the corner? It can be frustrating, but we’ve got 5 awesome tips for businesses and tradies to get started with local SEO — and it’s easy!

With almost 90% of people searching for local businesses every week on their smartphone, a local SEO strategy is vital. It’s great to have organic traffic, but you need LOCAL traffic. Make sure you’re visible online — your customers are looking for you!

Here are our top tips to get you started…

1. Claim Your Local Listings

If you’re going to tackle anything, make local listings your priority. Your business might already be listed, so make sure you claim it and add the correct information.

Search engines can then link you effectively to local customers, they will recognise your geographical location, and it’s the best way to get you ranked on the front page of results.

Best of all — these listings are free!

2. Start With Google My Business

Think of Google My Business as the godfather of listings — after all, Google is the most widely used search engine; there are 63,000 searches per second and 3.8 million per minute!

It’s all about where you are, and who you are — plug in your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP), post a couple of eye-catching photos and easily create a winning business profile. Make sure you don’t leave your business listing unclaimed because not only will it generate hits with information that could be incorrect, but other users could add and edit information about your business!

3. Facebook Pages — Get Social!

Yes, Facebook is still a thing, and it’s great for businesses and awesome for tradies. With one in four people on earth using Facebook, these are pretty good odds, so make sure to get your business listed. Your brand can shine on this platform with tons of great ways to interact with your local network — and hey, you might even get a share!

Again, make sure to list your Name, Address and Phone Number and ensure it’s the same information — this will generate consistency across platforms and help with your rank in search results.

4. Bing! No, It’s Not Just For Porn!

Why bother with Bing I hear you ask. Most people advertise on Google, so on Bing, there’s less competition for consumer attention. With Bing, you can access a whole new marketplace of customers, and the key concept here is diversification — make sure you have your bases covered.

There are over 6 billion new searches every month on Bing, not bad considering it’s only been around for 10 years. And Bing is a Microsoft owned search engine — so you shouldn’t expect anything less than a powerful advertising giant.

5. Yelp! And That’s The BIG 4 Done!

Include your vital information on Yelp, and your customers will find you quickly and easily, boosting you in a Google search. The great thing about Yelp is that it’s not just a business listing; your customers can leave reviews that will boost your business potential. Let your customers do the selling for you as they praise your work and your excellent customer service.

82% of visitors to Yelp intend on making a purchase, so don’t miss out on this valuable audience!

Make sure to respond to your customer reviews because this engagement will increase your exposure on the platform. Don’t be discouraged by bad reviews, respond to them; it shows that you care and builds trust!

Bonus Tip…

Be Consistent.

Keep your information the same, keep your branding the same — this will help get your business ranking in searches and provide a professional look for your new customers!

Playing Hard To Get?

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