Improve Local SEO With Google Business Profile Posts

published on 22 January 2021

Google Business Profile (formely Google My Business) Posts are short and informative posts about your business. They can include announcements, offers, events, products, and services.

GMB Posts stay live for seven days, with event Posts lasting for the duration of the event. Clients can view past Posts if they wish, and they appear like a rolling feed, showing what you’ve posted in the past.

Why Are Google Business Profile Posts Important?

Google Business Profile Posts can help you climb higher in local search rankings and claw your way into the Google Map Pack — the place to be for any trades business.

It may seem like a lot of work, but consistently posting on GMB is an excellent way to boost your local SEO results.

GMB Posts effectively give Google the green light to display ‘rich snippets’ and position you better across Search and Maps for relevant search terms.

We’ve seen the power of GMB Posts and rich snippets in action — seeing our client’s local rankings improve as a result.

Keep reading to learn more about why keywords are vital, how GMB Posts can help you beat the competition, AND we’ll tell you how to write a GMB Post!

Related To Your Search…

Google now displays rich snippets and a dedicated ‘Related to your search’ section powered by Posts.

These rich snippets are triggered by the keywords or closely related terms within a search query.

Other rich snippets displayed in Search and Maps include:

  • “Their website mentions (keyword)”
  • “(A client review with keywords)”
  • “In business for (X years)”; and
  • “Provides: (Service)”

Great content and relevant keywords power rich snippets.

Besides your website, Google reviews, and Google Business Profile information, you should include relevant and keyword-rich information in your Posts.

GMB Posts Help You Stay Ahead of the Competition — Plus They Are Free!

GMB Posts are a great addition to your free online marketing toolkit. Each Post acts like a miniature ad and can be used to push out your competitors.

Your competitors may have paid for ads which appear when clients search for your business by name. If you create useful and engaging GMB Posts, you increase your chances of capturing your clients’ attention, and not losing them to your competitors.

GMB Posts are great when you’re fighting over locations and for keywords, (as long as it’s not a high-competition location keyword, such as ‘Sydney’), so focus in on your suburb and surrounding suburbs instead.

How To Write The Best Google Business Profile Post

The best Google Business Profile Post consists of engaging, keyword-rich content and a relevant image. Focus on one service or one aspect of your business. You could even include an emoji!

Things to include in your Post:

  • Type of service.
  • Your location.
  • Who you are and what makes you the obvious choice.
  • Make sure you add a Call To Action (CTA), such as Book, Call Now, Learn More, or Order Online buttons — this will funnel the traffic to where you want it to go.
  • Choose an engaging image. As Google AI gets smarter, a relevant image is vital — it’ll catch your reader’s attention, too!

Google suggests a post to your customers on Google should be brief, useful, and inspire action, and photos should be well-lit and in-focus.

The CTA is a vital part of your GMB Post because they will increase your click-through rate. There’s no point creating an engaging Post if you don’t send the readers in the right direction, immediately.

If you haven’t got your Google Business Profile page set-up and verified, check out our blogs to get the best tips to get you started.

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