Having Problems Getting Verified with Google My Business?

updated on 20 November 2021

Have you experienced the headache of trying to get verified with Google My Business?

Video Verification could be the answer!

Google My Business verification is a must if you want to appear in Google Search or on Maps. It’s vital for your local SEO.

Common Google Verification Hurdles:

  1. ‘The Postcard’ from Google often takes way longer than the 6-14 days they suggest (it contains a code you need to get verified)
  2. When you call for another postcard, it still doesn’t turn up.
  3. Chances are if you order a new one, the original postcard turns up the next day. Then your code won’t work!
  4. You follow the process perfectly, and you still can’t get verified!

Note: Don’t edit your business details such as name, address or category while you’re waiting for a postcard.

If you’ve experienced this, you understand the process is frustrating, especially if you’re in a rush to get your local SEO in order and appear in the search or maps.

Enter Video Verification!

Thankfully, Google offers video verification (VV) for those businesses experiencing issues.

Unfortunately, you can’t skip straight to video verification, you have to wait for your postcard, and when it fails to ask for a video call or wait for Google to offer it.

Request A Call Via Desktop/PC:

You can contact a Google My Business specialist via this link, for which you’ll need to fill in a form: Request a call.

Fill in the form with your business details and write ‘Verification’ in the ‘Issue Description’ field.

(This should work on your mobile or tablet too.)

Have your phone nearby because it will ring within 1 minute. An automated message will direct you to a specialist.

Note: You may have to repeat this process if you call outside their office hours.

Request A Call Via App:

  1. ‘More’ — the bottom right-hand corner
  2. ‘Help & Support’
  3. ‘Request a Call’
  4. Fill in the form and write ‘Verification’ in the ‘Issue Description’ field.
  5. They will call you within 1 minute, and the automated message will direct you to a specialist. If outside office hours, you will need to call again at another time.

Once You Get Through To A Google Agent:

You will need to explain that you haven’t received your postcard, or the process has failed.

They will schedule a Video Verification call with you and send an email confirmation.

Download The Google Hangouts App In Preparation For The Call

An agent will call you at your agreed time via ‘Google Hangouts’ to complete verification. (You may receive an email and be asked to open a link to launch the call in Google Hangouts.)

They will ask you to show them around your business.

They may ask you to show images of:

  • Your business interior/exterior
  • Your logo
  • Signage
  • Your van/vehicle — if you’re a mobile business.
  • Number plate — if you’re a mobile business.
  • Images of you working — e.g. you on the tools.
  • Your team

Documents to have on hand:

  • Business cards
  • Business licence
  • Business materials, e.g. flyers

You may be asked to upload these to your Google My Business profile if you haven’t already.

As a result, your business should be verified on the spot.

Check Your Business Details

Finally, you should receive an email to prompt you to check your business details accurately and correctly.

(Remember, don’t change your business details if you are waiting for a postcard.)

Make sure these are in line with your NAP on your website. Click here to read more about NAP consistency. For local SEO purposes, you must make sure your NAP is identical across all business listings and your website.

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